Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick Post

Words Yesterday: 1623
Total NaNo Words: 26,885

Lots going on today, and yesterday I was running all day. I collapsed into bed at 11pm last night, and typed for about an hour on the alphasmart.

Next week, while hubby is in the hopital, I am going to get some SERIOUS words in. I just need to make sure I'm writing every day, or I'll lose the flow of the story.

The baby took a nasty fall into a table last night, he has a large goose egg on his forehead. I wasn't at the house when it happened, Hubby and the kids were, though. I came home and Hubby had the baby on his lap, attempting to put ice, while one kid was tempting him to hold still with his toy robot and the other kid was playing the recorder to get him to sing.

Hubby looked at me and said "He won't let me put ice on it." I looked at Thing Four, with a big old thing sticking out about an inch on his head, and told everyone I would take if from there. I had to restrain him and put ice on that knot. I HAD to do it. He screamed and tried to get away but I held the ice to his head for a good few minutes. Yeah, I was the bad guy. But I wanted to get the swelling down.
He was OK in the night, and he's animated and happy this morning, but he's off-balance, and acting woozy, so I made a dr. appointment. I SO do not need this right now. I just hope he's OK. I am going to let him play in his playpen and keep him close to me so he doesn't fall down again.

Time to get cracking.


The dr. said he's fine, but his throat is red, and if he has strep, he'd be a little "off balance." I was like, WHAT??? So they took a throat culture, and we'll know soon. But the dr. did say the "best" part of the head to hit is the forehead, so he's OK. Except he might have strep.



Aimee said...

So your toddler is woozy and off-balance...aren't most new walkers woozy and off-balance? (This is my lame attempt at humor to hopefully reassure you that everything will be okay). Hang in there. You don't need this now. It's like the Gods are conspiring against you to finish your Nano story.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that all is well.

Michelle Miles said...

We always aid if the eyes are okay and he has a knot, then they're fine. He probably has a bit of a sore head but it's always better to be safe than sorry. I'm keeping everything crossed for you!


Jennifer said...

Hang in there, girl. Surf the chaos!