Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tea and Crumpets

Came late to blogging today, because my back is killing me. Hubby gave me some of his muscle relaxer pills and it IS getting better.

As for the post title: I'm getting lost in a Victorian-era novel, and it's helped inspre me a little. I love historicals--who wants to live in the present? Boooring. At least to me!

We are going out of town this weekend to work on the Curve Ball. We are very very very close to a resolution, but I have to make this trip to be sure I can handle the resolution we're leaning towards. Hubby is being very kind to me. He wants me to be happy, but maybe it's just because he knows if I'm not happy, EVERYONE will be miserable! Ha!

We watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People last night as a family. We even had popcorn. Yes, it's the middle of the week, but Hubby and I were so tired of sitting at the computer together discussing stuff, we decided to hang out with the kids. Can I just tell you, the Banshee scares the sh** out of me?? I mean, I am a full-grown woman and she still makes me want to scream "Turn it off, turn it off!"
My kids were terrified of her at first, too. But about ten viewings later, they think she's kind of funny. Not me. The Banshee is terrifying. She'll never be anything else. You have to hand it to Disney, there are some pretty spectacular special effects in this movie, especially since it's nearly 50 years old!

Well I have to run some major errands. Of course I've put them off because of my back--and they're piling up. Gotta try!


Ann said...

Just looking at that pic makes me hungry.
Good luck with your back, and good luck with the curve ball - hope everything works out soon.
(And I agree on history - I feel so much more at home in the past (reading) than I do in the present.

Lowa said...

Hope the curve ball gets sorted out very soon! And you are right. "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

I am scared of this banshee now:( I have to make sure and watch the whole thing before the kids do. I am SO CURIOUS now:)

Valerian root...I will have to keep that in mind for the next time my stupid back/neck screws up on me.

So crumpets ARE english muffins?? When I was on the ladies tea committee at our church, we always made home made scones for our teas. YUMMY!!

Michelle Miles said...

It's been so long since I've seen this movie, I have to go find it and watch it again. Do you have it on DVD? Just curious. :)

Hope your back is better and the Curve Ball is getting closer to resolution.