Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sir Sean Connery

This is for Laura and Mik:
Here he is as Michael McBride from Darby O'Gill. I think this was either his very first, or second movie, ever. *Sigh*


Lowa said...


I had no idea he started out so gorgeous, but I guess it makes sense looking at the hunk now, eh??

Thanks, I appreciate you showing that to me:)

Lara said...

You SO need to rent "Darby O'Gill" --he actually SINGS in it too. :-)
BTW--it's also the film that got him the part of James Bond.

Lowa said...

I know, I have it on the top of my Netflix list. I added it and moved it up right after I read your post!!! Thanks SO MUCH for the tip!

Is your daughter's hair still long? I can't remember. You gave me tips on brushing my daughter's and we never could make it work. She finally got it all chopped last month. There are pics on my blog, it is DARLING. She LOVES IT!

Wow, your kids are lucky they have the potential for a decent height:) I am just over 5 feet, but since my hubby is 6 feet, I am hoping my daughter will be at least 5 foot 4! LOL My mother's mother was 4 foot 11, my mother barely reached 5 feet and I am almost 5' 2". I hope every generation gets a bit taller, ya know??

Kat Campbell said...

As cute as he was then, Sir Sean has only gotten better with age. And who could resist that voice!

Michelle Miles said...

It was his first movie ever and ... *swoon*