Monday, July 31, 2006

School Supply Time!!

It's school supply time again! I've printed up three separate lists, and we're heading to Target, where they're having a sale on all sorts of goodies.
So, why would I be rubbing my hands together in fiendish glee at the prospect? Well, when else can you get composition notebooks 2 for a dollar, and packs of pens in any color for 63 cents?


*ahem* Excuse me while I control my enthusiasm...

So, admittedly, while my little rug rats will be scurrying around asking "Mommy can I have this backpack, please mommy? and "Mom there is no way I'm wearing that" and "Mom, I need about fifty of these!" I will be rummaging for myself. Yes, myself. Writers need supplies, too, you know? I am the kind who drools over office supply sales. I love to have lots of paper and pens and file folders and labels on hand. Note cards, pencils, pretty much anything that a writer needs.
Ergo, Back-to-School sales are pretty much heaven for me. While other mothers dread it, I run around just like my kids do, squealing excitedly at the five-foot pyramid constructed entirely of boxed paperclips, or the bin full of mechanical pencils. Ah, back-to-school sales. You can't beat 'em.

So, that will be great fun today. Then I might take the kids to see The Ant Bully. Hubby is out of town and he begged me to take them while he was gone so he wouldn't have to suffer through it. So, I guess *I* get to suffer through it. Ah, the sacrifices of Motherhood. Especially since I'll have to suffer through it while working my way through a bag of buttery popcorn and a ginormous Cherry Coke... (heh heh!)

This week should be pretty crazy, as usual. But Hubby is gone until Thursday night, so that means I'll get LOTS of writing done at night! Go me!

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Michelle Miles said...

I love pens. LOVE THEM. And journals. They are so much fun.

I actually liked The Ant Bully. But there are some gross-out moments. :) Have fun!