Thursday, October 06, 2005


Kids are funny little things. Especially mine. I think they are really beginning to miss their dad. (He's been working in Denver for two weeks, this is the longest they have gone without seeing him.)
Thing One had a meltdown last night. I was going to chalk it up to being tired, but I realized, she is dealing with a lot lately. We're moving, she realizes she'll most likely never see her friends again, we temporarily placed our dog with another family (for my own sanity--in my defense they have a cavalier puppy just like Hagan and he's happy as a clam with them) and she hasn't seen her dad for a long time.
Little girls are strange creatures. I swear sometimes Thing One seems manic depressive, but my pediatrician said that is just typical child behavior. She's very sensitive and emotional, but like her father, she holds it all in, so when she finally does crack, she CRACKS in grandois fashion.
I was full-on consoling her last night after her bath, and she soaked my shoulder with tears. I honestly have never seen her so upset. It all came out, and I think the move and everything is a lot to process for her.
Boys are easier. Her brothers stood around awkwardly, not understanding. Maybe they're just young enough to not be affected, but my nearly-eight year-old certainly was. She was a mess.

Today she seems fine, and last night was the first night she didn't have any bad dreams. I think she needed to let all her feelings out.

It's amazing to me, how kids deal with things. Another thing about kids, they are resilient, flexible and tolerant, much more so than we give them credit for.
Hubby is coming home this weekend, so that should help. We sure have missed him.


Michelle Miles said...

Kids are resilient. She'll be okay. But it's good she got it all out. :)

Ann said...

Wow - moving is so stressful! - I'm sure for you as well as the kids! Hang in! And make sure you take time for yourself.