Monday, October 10, 2005

The Scruffy Dog Review!

I am happy, proud, exhilarated, etc. to announce that The Scruffy Dog Review is now up and running!
Started by my friend B.K. Birch, I am participating as an associate editor, along with Devon Ellington, Colin Galbraith, Michelle Miles, Angela Miller, Terri Dunham, E.L. Reedy, and Mark Vender, a talented group of individuals.
The SDR is now accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, articles, and book reviews. Visit the website for submission guidelines. The Scruffy Dog Review Blog can be found here, and the press release here. Go to the website and submit! And while you're at it, buy a hoodie!

Hooray for the Scruffy Dog Review!

In other news, my weekend started out roses, and turned out to be a big dirt sandwich. Hubby and I (and Thing Two) were sick with fevers and sore throats all weekend (we're still sick but life goes on) and we couldn't really enjoy anything. In fact, I'd just love to curl up in bed right now, but LIFE calls! We just had a house showing an hour ago and I piled my sick self and Thing Three into the soon-to-be-traded-down Expedition and disappeared for a while. I hope they LOVED the house! Waiting to hear from the realtor...(good news I hope!)

Bad weekend too because of all the devastation with the Earthquake. 30,000 people dead? Millions without homes? This is catastrophic, people. Signs of the times, I've heard people say. VERY scary. My thoughts are with those victims and their families.

Tomorrow's blog will be interesting...stay tuned for why!


Shannon said...
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Lara said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Love the name Shannon. Could it be because you live in, say...WISCONSIN???


Lara said...

PS--Shannon, I removed your post because you put your email in there--you don't want any email from sickos!! (I'll explain later)