Friday, October 14, 2005

Crankypants Post...

I woke up unable to hear in my right ear today. Off my head with joy about that one. I wonder how long I'll be partially deaf. Yesterday it was partially unable to breathe. Tomorrow I figure I'll have partial loss of feeling in my butt. Bring it on, baby bring it on, cause' I'm takin' the HEAVY stuff! (Antibiotics.)

In other news, apparently I should be extremely proud of the fact that I'm now sporting a TURQUOISE star next to my Ebay ID. Heck, I even received a congratulatory email from the Ebay people. It seems that when you get 100 Positive Feedback comments (or maybe it's just 100 comments) you get the star color changed to a lovely shade of Turqoise.

...Okay, that is either a "STOP SPENDING MONEY ON EBAY LARA!!" sign or its a "WAY TO GO LARA!!" sign--I haven't decided which.

--I'm happy to report that due to my excellent tutelage, my four-year old knows the difference between an Octagon and a Pentagon. HOWEVER, now, when we're driving and he sees a stop sign he points and yells (very excitedly) OCTAGON, MOM! I SEE AN OCTAGON!!! at which point I swerve to narrowly avoid the ditch, tree, mailbox, etc. that I nearly knock into from being scared spitless by his sudden outburst of the aforementioned.

Thankfully, not many road signs are in the shape of a Pentagon, these days. But there are plenty enough squares, rectangles, triangles and circles to keep me on my toes for now, and debate whether or not to sedate the little sweetie every time we get in the car.

Can I just rant about one more thing? MOVING. Rather, DE-JUNKING. That is the part that really sucks. I have half a mind to rent one of those construction-grade dumpsters (that you see by new construction houses) and throw all my s*** into it. I have furniture, matresses, old tables, trash, etc etc etc etc etc etc...and personally I'd rather not make ten trips to the local dump! I'll call my church to see if anyone wants it, but UGH on getting rid of it! I'm only one person! (With three munchkins, remember) and it's pretty hard to get this all done.

Okay, rant over. Man, I sure have lame posts when I'm sick. Maybe I'll be cheerful on Monday.

Unless I've lost partial feeling in my skull...

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Lara (a.k.a. the Sick Crankypants)


Michelle Miles said...

I dunno.. I thought it was rather witty. Call the Salvation Army and see if they want any of your stuff. They pick up. For free. ;) Get well soon!

Colin said...

Get well soon, Lara!! :-)