Tuesday, October 18, 2005

As the Wheel Turns...

Thing Three now has the lovely sickness. We went to the Doctor today and they put him on Zithromax, and gave me medicine for his nebulizer, because he's wheezing. Lovely. I just hope it clears up before next Friday, because we're on a plane to Denver!

My ears are still plugged. They're better, but I can only hear out of the left one. I am nervous about the plane thing. I am going to call and DEMAND better antibiotics if I don't feel better soon. For some reason I'm holding onto this illness and it's really rotten timing. Not to mention the fact that I have about 452903471 things to do before the move next week. It's starting to freak me out.

I think this is an official record for me. I haven't written a word for my novel-in-progress in over three weeks. And I feel like I've completely lost my groove. It's not a fun feeling, the sensation of being lost and adrift in a large ocean and not knowing if you have the energy to sink or swim.


Unknown said...

Ugh...that totally sucks! Hope everyone gets better ASAP!! If you need any help with the whole moving thing, let me know!! I'm serious!!

Michelle Miles said...

I am so in touch with that non-writing thing. Maybe my Muse is having sympathy pains for your Muse. Maybe once you get moved and settled in Denver, everything will get back to some form of normalacy. {{HUGS}} And I hope you feel better VERY SOON!

Anonymous said...

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