Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Wait...what??? It's 2015????

Well, to say the least, 2014 certainly "got away" from me. I find myself staring at my last entry, way back in SEPTEMBER, and I'm more than a little embarrassed. I used to blog every day. Or, at least a few times a week. I've had this blog for over ten years. TEN YEARS. And although I have about 3 people who even read it, I feel like that's some sort of accomplishment.

So, to update my life, my "Things" are sure growing up fast. (I've always called them Things one through four--to protect them, I guess, and it seems moot because everyone I know uses their real kid names these days.) But I'm old-school.

Thing One, is now seventeen and has a job and drives her own car. (Well, one we bought her!) Thing Two is 15 and a half and has a driver's permit, and is 6'1--a good four inches taller than me! Thing Three is in 8th grade and has finally found his sport (that post is for another day) and Thing Four, my little sunshine, isn't so "little" anymore. He's a whopping 75-pound 2nd grader. The kid is TALL. He has FOOTBALL PLAYER stamped on his forehead. He's a clown. He makes me laugh. He's brilliant, too. But of course, I'm biased. ;-)

I look back over the years of blogging, and my kids keep me BUSY. Like REALLY busy. Somewhere in there I've had a novel published, but after that, I sort of put writing to the wayside, so I could be a mom. There are women out there who have kids, a full time job, and manage to crank out novels. I am not one of those women. But my hat is certainly off to them. I haven't figured out the "balancing" thing. Which is unfortunate. One day I will.

It's 2015. The year Marty McFly and his girlfriend came to the future and cars were flying around, and kids had hoverboards. There actually are some people out thee who've developed a "hoverboard" of sorts--using magnetic pull/push or something like that, which is super cool, but our cars don't fly. Not yet. I am a child of the 80's. Being in the 21st century is weird to me. And it's becoming increasingly alien, with all it's social media and technology, which I have embraced, of course, but I see it all eroding things in my kids I don't want eroded. I want my kids to know how to work. I want them to respect people, and things. I want them to be kind. I want them to be active. The other day we were all sitting in the living room, watching a football game. Hubby was on his iPad, I was building a puzzle on my ipad, my daughter was simultaneously Tweeting and stalking Instagram on her phone, one of my sons was Minecrafting on his ipad, the other was playing Terraria, and the third son was playing Clash of Clans, AND managing to follow the game closely, which is a mental feat of enormous proportions, to me.

But we were all on our devices. Watching a football game.

2015. Our cars may not fly, but our hand-held technology is crazy amazing.

So, I will try to post more. If I can get on Facebook, I can take ten minutes a day and post on the blog. It's not rocket science. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes! Please blog. Guess I'm one of the three? :)


Unknown said...

Yes! Please blog. Guess I'm one of the three? :)Four now...I love you and your blog and ditto to the rest...we are losing our socializing. Mom and I are watching TV, Face booking, Face timing and cross-eyed all at the same time…Oh…what has the world come to. Dad…

Unknown said...

Well I guess the next blog posting will be January 2016?

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

No, dear, the year is 2020.
Get on the ball, miss gorgeous...