Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Am I a "gamer?"

First off:

Day One of the 21-day Junk Food Challenge:
It really wasn't that hard. Well, maybe the "no soda" part. But I caught myself, a few times. Usually, if I want some cookies and milk, I just have them. If I want candy or chips, I eat them. No second thoughts. Yesterday made me aware that my food choices really aren't that awesome. Granted, a bowl of Lucky Charms wasn't on the list, so I sure had that for breakfast, but otherwise I was not dying or anything. Let's see how today goes...

So, GAMING.  I have one son who is a full-on gamer. At least, he games on his iPhone and iPad. He has an X-box and a Wii U, but I don't like the war/kill everything in sight with a semi-automatic weapon games, so he only has like Skyrim, and those types. No Call of Duty, no Modern Warfare, etc etc..

I am not a gamer in that sense. However, I've become addicted to Big Fish Games. I got started with the Puppetshow series:
 The game was creepy, steam-punky, macabre, just up my alley. And I LOVED the atmosphere. It immerses you in the world with eerie music and sounds and you solve a mystery and find hidden objects and work out puzzles. I was HOOKED. This was a few years ago. 

Anyway, there are about five or six continuations out there, and OH MY are there some fun Big Fish games. The creepier and more sinister the better, for me, I love walking through a haunted mansion, or a creepy graveyard, or a dark hidden tomb, looking for clues. It's addictive. Now that a lot of them are available on iPad, when I go to bed at night, I usually spend some time before bed playing around on one of my games. So, basically, I guess you could say I "game" every day. HAHA. 

Or is that something I should admit out loud? ;-)

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