Saturday, September 07, 2013

I LOVE being a Football Mom!

I will be honest, never thought I'd say these words! My kids have always been Soccer and Basketball. Football was just never a thing. My kids aren't "big." They aren't meaty. But Thing Three, who is currently on his 7th grade football team, is fast. He's a Wide Receiver. He loves it. It's like candy to him, seriously.

Every practice I pick him up from he has this huge grin on his face, even though he's soaked in sweat from sprints and pushups and suicides for the last 20 minutes of practice. He's always got a funny story, or just a report of how it went, etc.

(I will insert a small caveat gear is NOT fun to clean, and I've pretty much given up on is cleats some days, but it's all part of the sport, right?)

But what I didn't count on--the GAMES. Football games are much more fun (although intense) than soccer. Everyone is pumped up, music blasts over the loudspeakers (you could probably bottle and sell the tangible adrenaline and testosterone in the air, haha) and it's just so much FUN. Granted, every single play he's in I grit my teeth and clench, because I don't want him to get killed, but it's still fun to watch the team work together. Right now we're 2-0 and our big rival game is today. STRESS.

I almost wish football season lasted longer. But that's ok, because Basketball season is pretty dang fun too!


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