Friday, June 21, 2013

  • *Gulp* Sure Honey, Whatever You'd Like...

    Thing Three wants to go out for Football. He's 83 pounds.

    You see my predicament, don't you? Yep, you spotted it right away. I am the kind of mom, who, when one of my kids expresses an interest in a sport, I ENCOURAGE them. I want my kids to be active. I want my kids to be on team sports, because it teaches them how to get along with others.

    I also like to see my kids ALIVE, too. Without broken bones and concussions and separated shoulders and torn ACLs. (Did I miss any other potential football injuries?)

    Thing Three, to his credit, is fast. Years of soccer have made him so. He would be a cornerback or wide receiver. Catch the ball, and run like hell, and don't let any of those huge boys pulverize you into a pile of human jelly. That's literally the advice I am giving to him.

    Despite my extreme anxiety for his physical safety, I bought him cleats. I bought him gloves. I signed him up for football skills camps and conditioning. He really really wants this. Is it bad that a teeny tiny part of me hopes he doesn't make the team? 99.9% of me will be glad if he makes it. Not going to lie. It is HARD to get onto the teams in our school. You have to be a super athlete, or know someone in the system, simple as that.

    So, I am outwardly supporting him, and buying him protein shakes (ten pounds, JUST TEN pounds would help put my mind at ease) and encouraging him.

    But inside (especially when I drop him off at conditioning and see those hulking boys), I am frankly, terrified for his safety.


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    Chris said...

    They usually separate the big guys from the smaller ones during early practice drills. But yes, 10-20 lbs added would be a huge benefit! He needs to hit the weights like never before and stick to it. non stop! Lots of protein shakes. He should be eating/drinking 1.5 ounces of protein per pound of body weight. GO Z!!