Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. A lot of people I know and love were affected by this storm.

I have been...absent lately. Not by choice, for sure. I think it's because my kids are finally at the ages where they are doing SO many things, I am running circles (or more appropriately DRIVING circles) to keep up/get them where they need to be. Things were so much simpler when they were young and not into many extracurricular activities.

We didn't do soccer this year (I know, weird, right?) but we are HEAVY into Taekwondo and Basketball. Oh, and Driver's Ed. I am very excited about that. I get to pick up my daughter from school at 6pm every day for two weeks. And then she gets to start DRIVING. Woo hoo. (And yes, in case you are wondering, that's a mild undercurrent of sarcasm you are detecting.)

Where has the time gone? Thing One turned fifteen a few days ago, Thing Three is about to turn 12 in December, and yes, Thing Two is already a teenager. Thing Four is in Kindergarten, and I'm Room Mom, so that's keeping me busy.

We did the "Pumpkin farm" experience today, and Thing Four had fun pulling the little wagon, as we looked for pumpkins to carve tonight. **note to self, pick them up a week earlier, and there will not be just SUPER HUGE and super small  pumpkins left.**

And now we're hunkered inside from the cold, I've got crockpot chili going, a batch of sugar cookies baking, and things are calm. For an hour more, at least!

;-) I love Fall. LOVE it.

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Rum 'n Thunder said...

Mmmmmmmmm...crockpot chili...and sugar cookies...

Can I come over? :D

(This is your bro-in-law, Daniel, btw. How have y'all been doing?)