Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Summer, What Can I Say? Oh, and SNACKS.

I've been a baaad blogger. I think this might be some sort of record! Now that I have a book coming out soon, I need to keep up with the blogging. I think more book-oriented posts will be over at my writing blog, The Potted Pen, but for now, I just need to keep up with things!

We got through all three graduations: Pre-school, Fifth grade, and 8th Grade. I now have a High School Freshman, two middle-schoolers and a KINDERGARTENER. Yikes. Talk about a spread-out brood! But this is good news. Why? With all four kids in full-time school, that means I get a LOT more writing time.

Just not this summer, ha ha. Why? Well, like a fool, I signed them up for all sorts of stuff. The boys have Taekwondo six days a week, and Swimming lessons four days a week. Which means we are busy busy busy. I have friends who are laying around their houses watching movies and doing nothing with their kids the first week of Summer, and I am JEALOUS.

A friend of mine told me something eye-opening last night. She said "I have cut our grocery bill in half by doing one thing." I asked her what it was, and she said "SNACKS. I just don't buy them anymore. I buy fruit, and I buy veggies, and if they want a snack, they can have something like that."

GENIUS, if you ask me. I mentally calculated, and I bet about half of my grocery budget every week goes to...snacks. Chips, crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, cookies, pudding cups, jello cups, candy (gasp, I know) etc. etc. etc. etc..

So, I'm going to try it next week. No processed "snacks." Just fruit and maybe I'll bake some cookies for the cookie jar. We'll see what happens.

Genius, or Insanity?

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Devon Ellington said...

We sometimes have a bag of Tostitos in the house (for the home-made hummus), but that's it. We're not snackers here. Piece of fruit, some celery or carrots -- all preferred. And, of course, in the summer, it's all about the berries -- blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.