Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm Amazing.

Okay, I'm totally NOT, but it got your attention, right? ;-)

I just made up a phrase. It seriously just came out of my brain. And I'm sure there's 979468 variations of it out there (I googled and didn't see any but it's not like I'm going to sift through 10584769586 pages of hits to verify).

ANYWAYIRAMBLETOOMUCH, here is my inspirational saying of the day:

"After trying and trying, sometimes it's best to acknowledge the existence of a brick wall. That's when you go and get yourself a sledgehammer."

That's me sometimes. I try and try, and FAIL, miserably (as I suspect some of you do) and I guess sometimes we just need to think outside the box, and try a different approach. A sledgehammer is definitely harder than my skull, so there you go. ;-)

I am off and running today--the kids' basketball hoop is going in tomorrow! They poured the concrete for it last week, and tomorrow they set it up, but I have to run to Home Depot and get gravel to weigh down the sandbag thingies on the ends of the ball return net.

Am starting to not like the fact all my favorite stores are at least 15 minutes away...

Oh well. Happy Thursday!

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Devon Ellington said...

sledgehammers are a good thing!