Wednesday, January 04, 2012

SLEEP Would Be Nice...

Stayed up until 1:30 am this morning, biting my nails over the Iowa Caucus results. Hubby and I finally went to bed before we knew, we were just too tired.

I think today will be a "power nap" day!

I think I have Elves in my house. Or Brownies. Which ones steal everything? So far they seem to be stealing batteries, hair elastics and clean underwear. Oh, and SOCKS. My boys refuse to wear white socks anymore. It's black ankle socks with Sperrys, and black longer socks with Basketball shoes. But white socks? I have about 947646 clean pairs clogging up their sock drawers, and they won't touch them. Unless they're wearing jeans. And even then, they hunt for DIRTY black socks before they will wear CLEAN white ones. UGH.

Those Brownies. They have been eating all the chips too. And leaving the lights on in the garage. And they use waaayyyyy too much toilet paper. I think they unroll it just for fun, and eat it. I swear they do.

It was a balmy 19 degrees this morning. My phone says it might snow. Well, I will believe that when I see flying monkeys coming out of my chimney, because it's going to be 45 degrees today, and the sky is clear as can be. Wishful thinking?

Time to take Thing Four to preschool. Run run run!


Brenda said...

My boys are the same way about black socks. They also have to be Nike dri-fit socks. No store brand, Adidas or Underarmour brand. It's nuts, but at least I don't have the bleach the heck out of them.

Snow - HA! It's still frickin' cold though.

Lara said...

Yup. Ours are Nike dri-fit too. Nothing else will do.