Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I Resolve...

New Year's Resolutions. 99% of people have them on January First. I, being the lazy person I am, tend to rarely make them, because I know I'll break them. Not right away, but usually after about two weeks, I'm done.

I changed tack this year. I figured I needed SOME resolutions, because 2011 ended up being a kind of a crappy year. I've resolved that 2012 will be better. As in MUCH better. I'm following my 45/15 rule. Monday through Saturday. It won't be easy. I'm making time to write EVERY day. (Yes, editing stuff I've already written does count!) I have a few other resolutions I won't share here, but I've made them, and I've resolved to keep them--as long as I can.

Why not?

We're getting a Maltipoo puppy in a couple of weeks. We're going to name her Maggie. I've already visited her, she is a sweet lil' two pound thing. I think fully grown she might only be about six pounds. We're talking teeny dog. I'm just not into big dogs, and if we're going to get one for the kids (who, by the way have been begging and begging and BEGGING for a long time) then a Maltipoo it is. Heck, I think her poop probably looks like rat turds. She's that little! ;-)

I hope all of you stick with your New Year's resolutions. Heck, I hope I stick with them! One can always hope, right?

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Unknown said...

What's the 45/15 rule?