Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Okay, okay...

So, my mom asked if I would blog more often. Frankly, I've had nothing to blog about. So, let's see what's been going on in my life:
I've been neck-deep in boxes, which now they're about elbow deep, I saw a blu-ray movie for the first time a few nights ago (Alice In Wonderland) and can I say WOW??. We accepted an offer on our house but lost a LOT of money on it, which sucks. I decided Harris Teeter blasts Pic n Save out of the water, and I love that I found a great nail place right next to the Harris Teeter by my house, which I was told by one patron had the BEST pedicures in Charlotte, and she knows, because she's been to all the salons. And the fact that I only drive THREE miles to church now is the BOMB.

It's dang hot, here, (unseasonably I've been told) and I've sort of been hiding inside (because I'm UNPACKING!!) but my neighbors aren't really outside a lot either. Thank Heaven for air conditioning. We have a neighborhood pool, season passes to Carowinds, and a YMCA down the road, instead of 20 miles away in Oconomowoc, like it was before. And I love that the Costco is in Matthews, which is 15 min away, versus having to drive an hour to Grafton like I did before.

So, I am loving Charlotte. I actually live in Waxhaw, but I drive a half mile out of my subdivision and I'm in Charlotte. It's beautiful here, but the lawns in my subdivision are dying because in Union County you can only water two days a week. Except for the two houses (you know who you are) who water whenever they please. Tempting, but I don't need a $500 fine. Please send some rain my way!!

Pretty boring, I know. I am DYING to get all settled again so I can write and edit and get all the months of NO WRITING out of my system. I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, Costco is only 5 mins away here, so I can just run over and get one thing if I need it. I'm taking advantage of it, because once I relocate, if I land in the area I'm looking at the most seriously, it will be at least 45 minutes away, so that means, once every six weeks and load up. And be organized. Ick.

Have fun unpacking, it sounds like you're in a great neighborhood, glad you're happy!