Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Dumpster Rant. And Deadness.

As in, I'm exhausted. Mentally and physically. Moving is such craziness. I know, I'm being "relocated" which means I have people coming to pack up my house, load everything onto the truck, and unload it at our house in Charlotte. BUT, it is squarely on my shoulders to get everything that we DON'T need, out of this house before the move. As in, junk to give to Goodwill. Junk to toss. Stuff we just don't need.

I rented another dumpster, and I am slowly filling it up. I will use every bit of it. Imagine my dismay when, this weekend, some jerk drove up in broad daylight, and unloaded a ton of drywall and cardboard into my precious dumpster, and drove off, like he had every right. Well, *I* have every right to file a police report about it, but I don't have time. Besides, I didn't see him do it. My daughter did, from her upstairs bedroom window, and didn't tell me until he was driving down the driveway.
And don't worry, the NEXT day, a couple pulled into our driveway (all the way up, they were clearly coming to dump something, NOT turning around) and my daughter yelled to me we had more dumpers, and we both opened the garage door and went outside. Well, they immediately started the car and backed down our driveway as fast as they could, and took off. I glared after them.


Oh, I forgot, yes, they probably were. Because this is WISCONSIN. Sorry if I seem politically incorrect right now, but I'm weary of chasing off people who want to dump their (insert expletive here) in my dumpster I paid $400 for. SHEESH!!!!! Stupid people!!!

I will try to be better at blogging. I really will. I hope everyone is having a better day than me.


Devon Ellington said...

Police reports take 15 minutes to fill out. It's worth it. Next time, you or daughter should try to get the license of the car -- because, let's face it it WILL happen again.

Other suggestion: On the computer, make a sign stating that the dumpster is under electronic surveillance, and trespassers will be arrested. Tape them all over the dumpster. The sign alone should discourage some of them.

Michelle Miles said...

I like Devon's idea and was going to suggest something similar.

THE NERVE of these people!!! Anything to save a buck.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, sometimes I think I've been tossed into bizarro world where everything I know and believe it is now wrong.

Oddly, those jackasses think it's okay to do this. Sadly, I don't even believe Karma's a bitch anymore. It's more of "do onto others before they do onto you".

Perhaps if everyone wasn't so hung up on being politically correct, we wouldn't have to endure shit behavior like this.

Sorry, I'm in a really foul mood.

Colin Galbraith said...

That's shocking. See if the police will lend you one of the Stingers, that'll sort them out when they can't drive away so easily.

Mind you I'd love to go to Wisconsin - isn't that the cheese state? :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry, Lara! That is REVOLTING! I hope your week gets better!!!