Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stinking AT&T. Of COURSE we had to have iPhones, and of COURSE our phones have ZERO service in this house. Make that this entire area of town. In fact, I discovered this morning, that the only place I have all my bars, is on my side of the bed in the master bedroom. Hubby texted me this morning (I was sleeping in after a midnight viewing of ECLIPSE) and for some reason, I had all my signal bars on my phone on MY side of the bed, but when I move out of that area, I have no bars. And only one bar anywhere else in the house. Go Figure.

Speaking of iPhones, I've decided the "auto word correct" option can be embarrassing. I was texting New Good Friend yesterday, and she was having a trying day. She suggested going out to icecream, and I suggested "Or go for pedis!" As in PEDICURES. So, I send the text and put the phone down and happen to glance at it and I SCREAM. Instead, my phone had read "pedis" as an incorrect word and automatically inserted another word. So the final result was:

"Or go for penis!!"

You can imagine my mortified mad scramble to immediately text her and say I didn't mean to put that word and no I don't want her to think I'm some perverted wierdo, blah blah blah. Luckily she had a good laugh over it and all is well. But any of you who have iPhones, go ahead and type "Get Pedis" in text and you'll see what the phone does. I'm an unwitting VICTIM I tell you! A victim of Auto Correct!!!

Yeah, I know. But it wasn't so funny yesterday.

I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday. I need me some Pepsi Max.


Michelle Miles said...

LOL!!! I hate that autocorrect thing. It's annoying.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for a real laugh out loud, Lara!

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're my daughter. LOL

How was Eclipse?


Anonymous said...

I seriously just peed my pants!

Aimee said...

Thanks for a good laugh today. And it sounds like your New Good Friend is aptly named. You never know when you're in the beginning stages of friendship who will respond without seeing the humor in things.

And enjoy your Harris Teeter. It can be pricey, but they have the best meats and I love it when they make their frozen shrimp the loss leader for the week. I stock up!

Devon Ellington said...

One of the reasons I don't have an iPhone is that I loathe AT&T, and they don't work for me. As we were driving yesterday, on the radio news, it said that Verizon may have cut a deal with Apple -- so i might be able to upgrade to an iPhone next year. For all my bitching and moaning about Verizon, they're the only company with the service I need.

One of my jobs in CT has no cell phone service anywhere -- you have to drive to the end of the road turn and go up the hill in order to get any service. No matter what the carrier.

So much for modern technology!

I don't use Auto Correct. No machine is going to tell me what it thinks I mean.

Glad you've already making friends!