Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So today I've decided to be...

a mute. Actually, it's not a conscious decision, I just woke up this morning and discovered that my voice was gone. Seriously. I can't even squawk--I can only whisper, and that's it. And I have at least half a dozen phone calls to make today, and a birthday party to chaperone (in a notoriously loud and chaotic MacDonaldland playplace) and I think the day will prove to be very...interesting.
I wasn't able to write yesterday, and my character's demands are pretty much festering in my mind. I am reading the ms of one of my writer buddies, and I'd rather read than write at this point. I should set aside some time though, or my character will lose interest in me and stop talking...and that would be very bad.
It's funny how it works--when my characters want to talk to me, they're all I can think about. But if I ignore their suggestions, and put them off long enough, the golden aura disappears and they fade away back into the dormant places of my mind, and start collecting dust once more.
I can't let that happen to this current character. Besides, she's very determined it seems. She's even crept into my dreams, of all places!
I'll pay her proper attention tonight, I promise.

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