Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay, Losers. Doesn't anyone watch Vampire Diaries??? Oh, yeah, I forgot. I'm the juvenile loser and probably one of the few adults who does watch it. ;-) The necklace is Elena's Vervain Pendant that Stefan Salvatore (a.k.a. Delicious Vampire Brother #1) gave to her so she could "resist" the charms of Damon (a.k.a. Delicious Vampire Brother #2.) Like any of you care. *wink*

It's Spring Break next week, and I've got a TON to do before then! At least the house is clean, but I have to get everyone "swimsuit ready" in the next couple of days, which means I need to buy some, (or redistribute) and get Lil' swimmers and floaties for Thing Four, and get myself a pedicure, and call about 8374 people and run around tying up loose ends. Thursday will be fun. The grandparents fly in at 2pm, and Hubby flies in at 9pm, and we go to the airport to pick him up and straight to our vacation destination from there. CRAZINESS. So I basically have today and tomorrow to get everything ready.

It's going to be SEVENTY degrees on Wednesday and Thursday! Can you believe it? In MARCH of all months. Unheard of.

Had a showing yesterday, and the people were in my house for nearly an hour. 50 minutes, actually, and they walked around the yard, gesturing afterwards. (Yes, I was spying on them from my car one street over, hey, YOU'D do it!) We haven't heard what they thought of the house, but usually, if I am not interested in a house, I don't spend 15 minutes in it. You can usually tell in the first two minutes. I mean, WOW.

Fingers crossed! Prayers uttered!

My to-do list is scaring me. I'd better get going!


Aimee said...

I've just witnessed my own real estate miracle, and now I hope and pray for the same with you.

Colin Galbraith said...

And we're up to our eyeballs in snow - I'm so jealous! ;-)

Devon Ellington said...

Good luck, fingers crossed.

No, I don't watch VAMPIRE DIARIES. The scenery-chewing style of acting makes me want to puke. I think three minutes was the longest I ever lasted on that show.

But hey, there are plenty of shows I like that no one else does -- beauty of TV, something for everyone.

And they WERE renewed for next season, so you're not alone in your affection for the show.