Thursday, March 11, 2010


First off, I'd like to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to one of my good friends and writer extraordinaire, Devon Ellington! Hope it's a good one, Dev!! Everyone send good thoughts her way, because she got a flat tire on her way to the Cape! Hope all is well and you're enjoying yourself on your birthday trip!

Okay, it's SO weird, but all the snow is almost gone! I was driving around yesterday and it's strange to see everything so...brown and yellow. Dare I hope that Spring might be around the corner???

Neh--we're probably going to get another snow storm soon. This is freaking WISCONSIN, for pete's sake, we don't have Spring! We have Winter, Winter, and then Summer starts. ;-)

Today will be almost 60 degrees, but rainy. Can you imagine what would happen if the SUN came out? Planets would collide, the balance of everything would be messed up! We're not supposed to have Springlike weather in March! Not here!

Oooh, I'm dripping sarcasm this morning! But I do have some good news, Thing Three's follow-up x-ray showed perfectly clear lungs. Hooray! He's still on the antibiotics and we're not missing a dose! I just want to get this kiddo healed and healthy! He's bummed he had to miss his first soccer game, but he wouldn't have made it across the field. And he knows it. His next indoor game isn't until the 27th, so he should be much better by then.

If the sun just came out today, it would be perfect! And now I'm being sappy...

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