Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies and Vampires and Fae.

Yesterday was a GOOD day! The sun was out, it was a cold wind, but at least it was in the 50's. This morning there was frost on the ground. THAT could get dangerous around here, for farmers and plants in general. Luckily none of the trees have started blooming, yet. Of course something must be happening, because Thing Three had an itchy throat and eyes this morning, requiring a Claritin. So it begins. Things One and Three have bad seasonal allergies. Poor Thing Three wakes up with a stuffy nose every morning. But at least the Claritin works and he's fine after a few hours.

I never get allergies, unless I'm pregnant. Weird, huh? Our bodies get so...weird, when we've got a baby growing inside them.

Speaking of babies, it seems we are having a "boom" in my church ward. Everyone seems to be either pregnant or having babies. It's crazy! I had one lady take a look at me on Sunday and she said "You need to have another baby!" Kind of funny how people like to do that.

Um, no.

I was told by a reliable source that the VAMPIRE DIARIES books are crap, and to NOT read them. That the show was much better. Interesting. Usually it's the other way around.

I blazed through book one of Karen Marie Moning's FEVER series yesterday. Well, mostly last night. Oh. My. Heck. was it good. (Devon, read them! Put down whatever you are reading and READ them!) Anyway, I've never been really "into" urban fantasy before, but if one wants to get initiated into it, I've definitely found the books. They are awesome.

I need to run, now. We have a group of realtors coming through in two hours, and the house has to be perfect. Eeeeek!


Michelle said...

Told ya they were good. :D

Devon Ellington said...

I will move the book to the top of the pile!

Anonymous said...

I'm next!


Anonymous said...

I'm next!