Friday, March 05, 2010

The House of Coughs

Had Thing Three to the dr. yesterday. Pneumonia. I am seriously considering putting him in a plastic bubble. We've got him on antibiotics, probiotics, and heck, I'd dance naked under the full moon and drink shark pee if I knew it would make him all better...for at least two months in a row!!

Now Thing One is down with the fever and cough. I guess at least they're all getting sick at once, so, in a week we'll all be fine. But in the meantime, can you hear me SCREAMING?????!!!!

The super awesome house I found for us to rent GOT RENTED. I mean, the house was gorgeous, in a great neighborhood, it was too good to sit for long. But Hubby couldn't do anything about it because the house was in Charlotte, he was in New York on business, and I was in Wisconsin. You snooze you lose. I'm kind of down about it, but I figure it we were "supposed" to end up in it, well, we would have. 'Nuff said.

Our house is officially on the market! Only time will tell if we get some bites. I have a bunch of sickies laying around today, so I had to cancel the maid service. Which I really didn't want to do, but it's crazy around here. I'm wandering around blowing noses, administering antibiotics and motrin and hugs and comfort, changing sheets and boiling all sorts of concoctions (can I tell you sage STINKS when it sticks to the pot and burns???) and I'm ready for a nap.

a THREE DAY nap...


Chris said...

Man sis! I know things will get better! As for thing 3, I think the plastic bubble thing is a great idea! Or hyperbaric chamber (JK), either way he's had a really tough winter. I've always had one rule to avoid sickness: Never touch my face or ears unless my hands are washed. I actually tend to go a little beyond that in public places by only opening doors with my clothing. Anything my hand touches in public I remember that the hand is dirty and I can't wait to wash them. I have this problem because the restaurant business can be a germ mecca. Now if you turn him (or all 4) into germaphobes like me WALLAH! They never get sick!!

Devon Ellington said...

"Tis the time for three day naps.

Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

You know, when I was little, I had pneumonia FOUR times in a row. I think it's hard to shake. He WILL get better. Promise :)

Hang in there!!

Lowa said...

I feel for you. It seems your poor kids are ALWAYS SICK. I hope the heat and humidity of your new home does help.

Thankfully none of your kids have eczema like my oldest. He has always had it very bad. They almost hospitalized him when we lived in SC. I drove him 4 hours to a specialist in Charleston. His skin had never been worse than when we lived there and she said it was THE WORST state to live in with his skin issues.

I hope you all get better soon.