Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.

WHEW. Thing One has started aerobic conditioning in the mornings so she can have an "edge" in volleyball, and she asked me to wake up at 5:30 this morning and work out with her. She did the elliptical and I did the treadmill.

I. Am. Dead.

But it's a "good" dead. But dead all the same. Because I was a numbskull and stayed up late watching a movie last night, to take my mind off of the house drama. The pick of the night? The Jane Austen Book Club. It was just okay. I felt like giving myself a little Hugh Dancy last night, but he used an American accent in this one, so, he wasn't as sexy. (The first movie I saw him in was Ella Enchanted, and I was ready to become a member of the Prince Char Fan Club right along with my daughter, you know it!) He's still adorable in Austen Book Club, but the whole movie was so predictable I was rolling my eyes at most of it.

We have another showing tonight. Different people. The other people yesterday were only in our house for about 15-20 minutes, and I think if you want to BUY a house, you stay in it a little longer. Darn it. Oh well. We'll sell our house when we're supposed to. I truly believe that.

Okay, I need orange juice. Happy Wednesday!


Devon Ellington said...

I felt the book was predictable, so I skipped the movie.

I always know if a house isn't the right house for me as soon as I walk into it. Then, I'm pretty perfunctory -- I don't want to be rude, because people clenaed up for me, but I don't want to linger and waste anyone's time, either.

Some houses feel great when I walk in, but the feeling fades, or there's stuff that's too much to deal with (like termites or not enugh yard or it doesn't pass the "suqishy test" in the basement or backyard).

Finding the right house is kind of like finding the right spouse, and it takes awhile. You'll find the right one when it's time, and the right people will find yours.

The process gets kind of frustrating in the meantime.

Aimee said...

Yes, we're going to practically be neighbors! If your family wants to take a D.C. trip, you'll have a place to stay. And we've been invited to a wedding in NC this October that we may be able to attend. I think the stars and moons are aligning for us to reunite...20 years is toooooo looooong.

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