Monday, March 22, 2010

Had a good weekend. Thing One had a couple of friends over to spend the night Friday, and since I'm a WAY cool mom, I drove them to the local Walmart at midnight to pick up the New Moon DVD, which is funny because they got home and only got a quarter into watching it and they all fell asleep.

Of course, now that I'm hooked on Vampire Diaries, Twilight just seems a little ridiculous. (Did I just type that out loud?) Oops. I can't help it. The Salvatore brothers are FAR more interesting than a sparkling veggie vampire. ;-) And Vampire Diaries came first. There are people who dismiss the show as a "Twilight Spinoff." Well, the books came out in the 90's, so that would NOT be the case. The Chicken came before the Egg, this time around. I bought all the episodes on iTunes, and they are FUN. And lucky me, the new shows start up again this Sunday!

Have to take Thing Three to the Dr. today to get a cyst removed in his leg. He's terrified, of course, but it needs to come out. It got infected a month back and became big and painful. The dr. says since it's in the skin, it will continue to get infected/be fine/get infected until it's removed. So, we're opting for pre-emptive action.

Took the kids to Barnes & Noble Saturday night. We went a little crazy, but I always think it's money well spent when it's spent on books. I got some great research books about lost civilizations, and archaeological terms. My bookshelves are exploding. I need to have one of those seriously dedicated libraries in my house, where I have one room entirely shelved out just for books. Trust me, I'll fill it. The Kindle/all other e-readers are great for escape reading, but for RESEARCH, you just can't beat a glossy book with pictures. And I can't get enough of them!

The sun is out! At least that's a good thing about today...

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Jennifer said...

You sound happy! And you ARE a Super Cool mom.