Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deer and Movie Stars.

There was a herd of about 10 deer in our backyard this morning, all of them were does. It was strange to see so many of them at once. They looked thin and skittish. There was one doe who was larger than the rest, and she seemed intent on watching the house while the others foraged around in the empty lot next to our house. Our subdivision is one of the last wooded subs around, because most of them are getting cleared nowadays. People want to grow their own trees, I guess. I say, if the existing trees are healthy, why mess with them? Oh well.

Haven't seen any wild turkeys, yet. I suspect it is only a matter of time.

We had a showing last night, but my realtor called me because they couldn't get in. The lockbox was jammed and they couldn't get the key out. I had to give them my garage code and they went in that way. UGH. I mean, talk about a lame first impression of a house! Instead of going into my foyer and seeing everything at once, they had to go through the GARAGE, and go in through the mud room!

Yeah, I'm sure they were SO impressed. Feh.

Thing One had a meltdown this morning. The theme at school is "dress like a movie star." She put on this cute dress and leggings, and we accessorized with sunglasses and lots of jewelry, and she looked great. As soon as I pulled up to the school, it looked like NO ONE had dressed up (we were a bit late and I suspect the really dressed up "movie stars" were already in the school) and she said she wasn't going in. I told her yes she was, and she pulled off all the jewelry and sunglasses and marched into the school in a huff. I lost my temper and told her she needed to get some backbone. I mean, she's friends with all these girls, and they've known her for four years, they aren't going to laugh at her! And she's so worried about if they'll think she looks stupid or not. I guess that's a twelve-year old for you. She wanted me to turn the car around and take her home so she could change. I kicked her out--lovingly. She has to learn that life is Messy. It isn't always "according to plan." Heaven knows I've showed up at school dressed up for something and I felt like a Big Embarrassing Turd the whole day, but isn't that supposed to be what it's like?

Oh well. She probably won't be speaking to me after school. Which is fine. She has a test to study for. ;-)

I have a lady from the Relo company over today, to assess my household goods. I think her eyeballs are going to fall out when she sees how much STUFF I have in my back storage room. I mean, it's all organized into tubs and looks nice, but the sheer VOLUME is a bit much. I need to do one more "go through" and throw more stuff away before we actually do move.

Lots to do today, better get to it.

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