Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter has Arrived!

Or so it would seem. We got about four inches of snow while we slept, and it's still coming down. It's about time. I was starting to feel like I DIDN'T live in Wisconsin or something crazy like that! (Then again the friendly "Have A Pig Roast For Your Next Party" sign I always see when I drive on the 94 always reminds me of where I live!) :-)

The weekend was yucky. Only because Thing Two had a fever and Thing One had a sore throat. Now let me tell you about Thing One. She is the Quintessential Hypocondriac. Some of her constant utterings:

"Mom, my foot hurts. Does that mean I am spraining it?"

"Mom, I have an upset stomach. Does that mean I have an ulcer?"

"Mom, I have a pain in my side. What does it mean?"

"Mom, my thumb hurts. Does that mean it's infected?"

I field these sorts of questions EVERY day. She always has some sort of physical ailment, and she's always wondering if it's a sign that something horrible is about to happen to her body. Luckily I have figured out when to be worried and when to just ignore her ramblings. I mostly chalk it up to "growing pains." I mean, she's one of those kids who can feel their food digesting and it bugs her and she complains about it. UGH.

Tedious, very tedious.

Where did I get such a complainer? SHEESH! She certainly doesn't get it from me. Then again, I think I whined a lot like that when I was younger. Now I just suck it up and deal with it.

ALTHOUGH, I will say this time around I might have to go and start sleeping on the old mattress soon, we got a new (much firmer one) and sleeping on my side with the growing belly has SUCKED (for want of a better word) the last week or so. This new mattress, even with the Memory Foam and the down mattress top, has virtually no give to it. Even pillows don't help. Hubby has been a trooper. I'm constantly tossing and turning all night long; I have to have a pillow between my knees, a pillow under my stomach, and one to hug, and I have to sleep with TWO pillows so I don't get acid reflux at night.

In short, I am a MESS. Or I have become a mess, as of late. And I still have three months to go. Heaven help me.

I have to work today--I feel somewhat guilty for packing Thing Two off to school so soon after his fever, but he's acting normal, so off he went. I just hope I don't get a call from the school. We've already threatened Thing One within an inch of her life (she's the one who makes all the frequent trips to the school Health Room) that if she calls us today from the Health Room she's in BIG TROUBLE.

So we'll see what happens...


Devon Ellington said...

Um . . .have fun? ;)

Karen said...

Whenever I complained of an ache or pain, my dad would always offer to help me out by jokingly threaten to cut my foot off or punch me in the stomach so it would take my mind off my first complaint.

I hated it when he did that.

Michelle Miles said...

Don't work too hard. I'm still home! Cuz you know, we can drive on ice donw here. :)