Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yuck. Double Yuck.

First off, everyone please send good thoughts in Devon's direction today, she found out her beloved cat, Elsa, has cancer. Praying for you both, Dev.

Note to self:
When you take your son to the surgery center to have a cyst removed, and they are toting it around in a liquid-filled cup, DON'T ask to see it...

Thing Three's leg surgery went well, the cyst is gone and the procedure was quick! The downside, he can't play soccer for two weeks, because the surgery site is in his right shin. DUH. I should have thought of that. Two weeks of practices and games, NIL. Yikes. He's upset, but dealing. He's a very active kid, and he's bummed. But he gets it.

Just got a "casual" email from our realtor that someone wants to see our house today at 1:30. EGADS. She could have called! I am going to be RUNNING the next few hours! Because I have family staying here and I let the house go...a little. Okay, a lot. I'm so in trouble. I must run!!!

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Devon Ellington said...

Family can help you set the house back to rights.

Glad the surgery went well, and best wishes for his speedy recovery.