Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Heart Spring!

Can I first say THANK HEAVEN for Tony's Mowing and Plowing? (They're online, they rock!) They mowed my yard last year and the price was spectacular and now, I have to mow my grass again, but the mulch dump isn't open yet, so I will have them mow it until it opens. And maybe then I'll let them keep on mowing it! ;-) I called them today and they will be here tomorrow morning. LUCKY ME.

We had a showing yesterday, and a preview today, and the realtor liked what she saw, so she's bringing her clients in on Sunday to see the house. I have to brag a little here, my house has personality. It was a former model, and you know what they do to those homes. They put all sorts of eclectic stuff in them so people walking through can see/get ideas for what they'd like the builder to put in their house. So, my house has some "different" looks in it, but it works out very nicely. Also the builder was way ahead of his time and all the stuff I have in my five-year old house is what all the brand new houses have in them now. So, my house isn't dated. And it's fun. At least I think so! It's what the realtors like to call "arts and crafts" style. All I know is I'm sad we're selling it. I would have stayed in this house until I was dead. Morbid but true.

Maybe that's why we're having such a hard time finding THE house in Charlotte. Although some friends are helping us with our search, and she found a house I really like today, so I'm going to ask our realtor there to preview it for us. Fingers crossed someone doesn't snag it up before we can see it! Hubby is in New York and he's flying straight here for the weekend, so the earliest he could see it would be Monday night. Of course.

Funny how things work sometimes.
My kids are coming home soon, and it's off to the volleyball game races. Thing One's team won their matches on Monday, so they have a taste of victory and hopefully that will help them tonight! Go Thing One!!

I love Springtime. I love pastel and bright colors. I love sunshine and green growing things. And I ADORE the fact that my tulips are up!! WOO!!

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Devon Ellington said...

Best wishes for both houses!