Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

(I'd say "us" but he's currently in Charlotte, and I'm here. *sniff*) But Wow! Fourteen years!!! Wow. We look really young in this picture. (slightly cheesey with the statue couple in the foreground, I know) but we ARE young. We're babies! Actually, I was twenty three, and he was twenty four, but still! And yes, my dress had puff sleeves!!! At the time, I felt like a princess. But I married a wonderful man who treats me like a Queen, and life is good! Love you, Honey!!!

Thus begins a busy week. But at least I have my mom, here! She had the week off, and I decided to just fly her here. She hasn't seen the kiddos in a while, and frankly, sometimes you just need your mom. ;-)

We came super close to finding a house this weekend, only to discover it was just out of the ward boundaries for the church ward we want. The ward we've chosen has a ZILLION kids in it (we are thinking of our kids!) and the other ward for that house has about...TEN. Which is not enough, in my opinion. So, the house is a no. Poor Thing Two is the only ten-year old in our ward, here, and he's suffered for it. That's why I am adamant we pick a ward with lots of kids for our kids. It just makes sense. And if it means we don't get our dream house, so be it. My kids' happiness is way more important. Besides, who needs a house on the 7th Fairway pond anyhow? We could get golf balls in our windows! We could have mosquito problems from the water!

(Okay, probably not but I'm rationalizing, here! Humor me. The house was pretty awesome.)

ANYWAYWE'LLNEVERFINDAHOUSEATTHISRATE, the weekend was good. We stuck pretty close to home, because I'm still not over this crazy cold. Either that or I have finally developed allergies. Niiiice.

I am amazed at the number of people grounded because of this crazy volcano! (Aimee, here's hoping you can get out to close on your house!) It reminds me of when Mt. St. Helens blew, the day after my birthday. We lived in Spokane, WA. That was a crazy time. Ash everywhere. It looked like snow. We wore masks outside for weeks. Hopefully the skies will clear soon, and all the stranded people can get...unstranded.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

Happy Anniversary.

I'm kind of glad I didn't buy a place in Iceland, y'know?

I'm confused about the whole "ward" thing. Can't you go to any church you want? Sorry for my ignorance.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Devon, every area is divided up into regions, or wards, so that most congregations have an equal amount of members in it. In areas where there are not many church members, that area may be quite large, like here in WI, but in Utah, where there are tons of church members, ward boundaries often consist of mere blocks!

So, if you've visited a certain ward and like it enough to want to be a part of it, you have to find a place to live within its boundaries.

Michelle said...

AWW! LOOK AT YALL!! SO CUTE. And he's very Matt Damon. :D I hope someday I can say I have 14 years of wedding bliss. :)

Have a SUPER Monday.

Devon Ellington said...


Thanks for explaining it to me -- i appreciate it!

B. K. Birch said...

So young and fresh-faced. Now look at ya all tired and stuff. That's what kids will do.

Good luck with the house hunt. You might want to get down here before SUMMER is over.

Aimee said...

Thanks, Lara. I feel like tomorrow is going to be my day. Fingers and toes are crossed!

Lee Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!