Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Tuesday Toast Day/Taco Night!

Quick post today--Thing Three and I are off to the doctor to check on his leg.

I awoke to craziness outside my window today. The birds, who normally just "chirp" were going berserk. I've never heard birds so loud. Like they were freaking out about something. Weird.

I got Hubby addicted to Plants vs Zombies over the weekend, now he's trying to get everyone he knows into it. Its just so...FUN! (Devon, I recommend it for your iPod!) I am on a mission to get everyone into it. My kids are even ignoring the Wii and their DSi's for once. I've already beaten the game, but it's super fun to go back and redo it. And I've heard they're coming out with a 2. COOL!

I went ahead and ordered the Beatles Box set. I am SO stoked! I grew up listening to them and I just love most of their stuff. Happy early birthday to me! I just love it when I buy myself presents. Probably because I always get something I truly want, every time! ;-)
Have a happy day, everyone!


Karen said...

What an amazing gift to yourself! If I didn't already have all their albums on my ipod I would totally buy that! Love love love the Beatles!

And now I'm totally curious about Plants v Zombies!

Michelle said...

I didn't know you were a Beatles fan! TWINS AGAIN! I LOVE THEM! And I'm pea green with envy. :)


Devon Ellington said...

You'll get so much out of the boxed set.

I'll check out the app. I'm not one for gaming, but hey, if you really recommend it . . .