Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should I Tweet that Dinner is Ready??? I Won't Have to Yell...

So, could you tell I was a little sad yesterday?? Yeah. I know what you're thinking. Pathetic. Well, I was.

But I'm fine now, and I'm focused on all the driving around I have to do now that my kids are in the thick of Spring Sports. Soccer and Volleyball, to be exact. And WHY is it that Thing One's volleyball games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Thing Three's soccer games are on...drumroll please...Tuesdays and Thursdays? Are the Fates trying to kill me???

Speaking of killing me, my little prodigy of a two-year old has become OBSESSED with my iPod Touch. Now that I have an iPhone, he's basically claimed my iPod as "his." Problem is, he wants to play with it every moment of the day. I literally have to hide it from him. This morning, at 6:30, I woke up to a little voice growling in my ear:

"Mommy, the zombies are eating my brains! Arrrggghh!!!"

Yes, he had snuck down to my room, unplugged the iPod and was playing Plants vs. Zombies. (Which by the way EVERYONE must buy because it is the FUNNEST app I've ever played with, it even tops Ragdoll Blaster 2!!!)
The kid is insatiable. He has to have the thing in his hands all the time, doodle-jumping, making cupcakes, launching monkeys, and tossing crumpled-up paper into a virtual trash can.

Although I will say, now that he's basically outgrown the stroller, the iPod will keep him at my side and off the volleyball court at games, if I only whip it out as soon as we get there. So, maybe it's a good thing. What gets me, is he maneuvers the thing like a pro, his pudgy little hands fly and he knows how to play my songs, go online and watch YouTube videos (I disabled the WiFi after I discovered that!) and play every single game app I have. It's a little freaky. He's like this iPod Touch Genius, at the tender age of two. Okay, he'll be three next month, but STILL...

I am starting to feel like a fossil. I see my kids play video games and work a computer like no one's business. Their fingers fly and they are fast fast fast. And they figure out how to work contraptions on their own, and half the time they have to explain to ME how things work. I can only imagine how MY parents feel. They didn't even have computers growing up. Every generation is going to be more and more tech-savvy. The only thing that scares me? Machines will replace Human Contact. Think about it. Would you rather pick up the phone and talk to someone, and risk running out of conversation, or would you rather text, because if you're texting, you can avoid awkwardness? Yep. Texting wins every time. And yes, I draw the line at texting with my daughter while we're under the same roof. I'm a "crazy" mom!

And why does texting win? You know people don't answer phones. And they have their mobile phones with them ALL the time. In fact, the other day, I had a lady in my church ward tell me to just email her, because she's always online and can't be bothered to answer her phone. I raised my eyebrows a little at that one, but what could I say? Devices have officially become the "middle man" of communication between Humans. Officially.

This is why I have started insisting we all have dinner together every night, at the table. No cell phones, no Blackberries, no iPods, nothing. Just food and people, talking about their day.

I'm so old-fashioned.



The Bean Cassarole said...

I soooo agree. Dan and I are content to live simply. We have our computers, our $10 phones that work very well, an old PS2 and no tv. We spend more quality time together and we actually -converse- *gasp* with people...in person!

I'm all about being educated on the latest techno stuff, but not reliant on it to get us through the day. (yeah, yeah, I know..my computer is my bud) but you know what? I can live with out it, I can contact people with out it, I can follow a schedule that I wrote down in my daily planner that won't disappear if the battery goes dead.

So if you think -you're- old fashioned, just think of your younger sister, I'm waaay worse my dear, but interestingly enough, completely content with that.

Although, if someone gave ME (or I just broke down and purchased) an iphone...I would, um..not say no. ;-)

Devon Ellington said...

It's important to spend part of each day unplugged, and dinner together is perfect. Good for you! That means Hubby needs to respect that, too, when you're all back together.

Boundaries are important.

I have my phones off when I work. I HATE the phone, except for friends and emergencies. Most so-called "business calls" are nothing more than a waste of time and hot air. Email me.

Or tell me if I'm waiting and you're late.

Hearing someone's voice is important for friends and family.

The 19 year old on the show a couple of years back had to teach me how to text message. We have to keep learning or die, right?