Friday, June 05, 2009

Time is ZIPPING...

Stayed up late last night working on school projects. It's my own fault, I was so busy getting the basement done this week, I didn't really help out. On the menu? One state presentation (she's been working on it all year but I had to help with finishing touches) and one Bearded Dragon, complete with habitat.

Thing Three and I printed pictures of the Bearded Dragon (a lizard) off the internet, and we all contributed: Thing One made an Origami head, I decorated it, Thing Three cut out arms and legs and we used a water bottle for the body, wrapped in tape and decorated. I have to say, he looks pretty awesome. I didn't get pictures, though! I should have thought to do that. Darn. Hubby was even impressed with the way it looked so lifelike. We even "posed" it on a block of firewood, and Thing Three colored a jungle background on a big piece of cardboard, and I used a plate stand to prop it up behind.

Okay, I REALLY should have taken some pictures! He doesn't get the project back, it will stay on display in the library for the entire summer.

Oh well. Hubby is home for the day, because he's going for a test in the hospital (routine) and we are both going to see Thing One's Alabama state presentation. She originally wanted to have a bowl of peanuts for her viewers to snack on, but since peanut allergies are so rampant at our school, I bought a bunch of Swedish Fish, since fishing is a big sport in Alabama. She told me that kids usually bring snacks or food with their presentations. She wasn't kidding. When I helped her into the school this morning, there were parents with large foil-covered pots, bags of food, etc.

Heh heh, my Swedish Fish were zero effort, and they'll be just as fun! I'm so baaaaaddd...

The last soccer game of the season is Saturday, and next week is the last week of school. CRAZY. I can't believe the year is half over.


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The projects sound really fun!