Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, yesterday was a bit on the "crazy" side, but at least when I came home, it was to a clean house. I like having three older kids who can keep the house clean with assigned chores. Makes my life much easier. And my two-year old always has someone willing to keep an eye on him if I need to get something done or go somewhere.

And here I was, dreading summer!

Then again, we're still in the "honeymoon" phase. ;-)

I am bummed. Two of my oldest and dearest friends are visiting our hometown this summer, when I WON'T be there! We'll just be missing each other by a few weeks! That really stinks. But at least we can keep in touch with email--it's a wonderful thing to have!

I am a pro at basketball camps now, drop one off, then pick up and drop off at the same time, and pick up again. No more wandering around wondering where everything is. The high school here is HUGE. It literally has two campuses, one for freshman/sophomores and one for juniors/seniors. Did I mention it was HUGE? Luckily we sort of know the layout because we had tennis lessons here last year.

Today should be a quiet day. I plan to spend a couple of hours on the flower beds (you would think once we put STONE in, the weeds would give up, but nooooooo, they find a way up through the weed-resistant tarp!) and catching up with laundry. Oh, and working out for an hour. Because while we are on our road trip/vacation we will be staying in hotels with water parks and pools. And I don't want to have people running away screaming at the sight of me in a swimsuit (or taking pics of me for Youtube under the caption "Thunder Thighs At Random Hotels.") :-D

That's it for me today. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Summer is here! (Sorry, Mik!)


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Aimee said...

I hope I'm the one of the oldest and dearest friends who will be in your hometown this summer. Who is the other one, and will I be there at the same time as that person?

P.S.- Who's this "Joseph" dude? I hope you know him because his comment is a bit weird.