Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thing One is a Drama Queen

I have to say, I'm loving these basketball camps. They are really drilling the kids, and making them work. Thing One, who is in pretty good shape, always comes limping out of her two hours with her face all splotchy and sweaty. So, I KNOW she's worked hard.

Yesterday, however, she came out very s-l-o-w-l-y, as if every step was causing excruciating pain. I rolled down the window and hissed "STOP THAT!" to her, and she snapped out of it and got into the car. Drama queen.

She proceeded to tell me that every muscle ached, and her feet ached and her ankles hurt and her quads were screaming and some of the girls had even cried during the camp, because it was so hard.

I'm loving it. These ladies are going to be her high school coaches, in two years. Our high school here is HUGE and vastly competitive. You should see the walls and walls of trophies. Thing One has to be her best if she's going to get a spot on the team. She was wearing a rubber bracelet she'd been awarded that said "best defense" on it. I was proud of her. At least she's rising to the occasion, rather than quitting or crying about it. She's tough. (Well, until she gets home and falls apart and whines for ice and food and her bed. Ha ha ha.)

Like a fool I let her go to a sleepover last night. I told her to be in bed by eleven, because she still has camp. I wonder if she obeyed me? I guess we'll find out when I pick her up today.

I can't believe we are leaving for vacation in a week! Two weeks on the road and in hotels and the family lake cabin (not ours, Hubby's family's) and we'll be so ready to be "done" being on vacation!


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Anonymous said...

You will have the best time.

Do you have Epsom salts? A hot bath in epsom salts will help her aching muscles.