Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Need a Round Tuit.

My mom has one. It's a cute little embroidered round framed "Tuit." Because we all want to do things, once we get a "round tuit." (get it? "around to it?" ha hah) Yeah. Shut up.

I need one of those thingys. I have a stack of books I'm dying to read, but I haven't gotten a round tuit.

Same with my "project box" in which I have tons of unfinished projects (for example, inside I have a plush Mario from Super Mario Brothers that's needed it's hat stitched back on it's head for...say...THREE months, now...). Yeah. I haven't gotten a Round Tuit.

I just bought this fabulous book:

Have I done anything with it? I have a container of bread dough, just sitting in my fridge. (I mixed it up Monday) Haven't gotten around to actually making the bread.
The scenes I need to write for my sequel. Nope. The call to the landscapers because our buried downspouts have separated from our house? Nope. The garage that needs a MASSIVE sweep-out? Nope.
I am hoping after this last week of school things will calm down somewhat, but what was I THINKING?? Starting Monday, I have one kid in Basketball camp from ten to noon every day, another kid in Basketball camp from noon to two, and another kid in Volleyball camp from 12:30 to 2:30.
I will be living in my car. So, I won't be getting around to doing any of the things I need to "get around" to doing.
Oh, and I got everything cleared up with the teacher. (See previous post.) Apparently I was on the receiving end of some "elaboration" on Thing One's part--she wasn't accused of cheating during the test, but of TALKING. Which I do believe, because Thing One is a chatterbox who could talk the hind leg off a mule. The stinker.

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