Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Game Day.

It's Game Day today at my kids' school. They will be outside most of the day. I equipped them with sunglasses and sunscreen...and a little hair-dousing with "Sun In."

Hey, don't scoff--they have naturally blonde hair--I'm just helping them along a little, especially if they are spending all day out in the sun! :-)

It could be WORSE. I could be the mom, who, when, in the early eighties all her boys had the "Dororthy Hamill" haircut, used a CURLING IRON to curl their hair under so it would fall right! Yes, on her boys. Don't ask me who it was, I am pleading the fifth. And if you guess right, I'll only deny it.

(But yes, I'm related to her! )

AHEMMOVINGONANYWAY, Thing One (who will be twelve in October) said she had a dilemma, because two of the boys on her Game Day team, like her.

ME: "Like you? As in a friend? What's wrong with that?"

HER: "No, they like me more. They told me. And I know they weren't kidding because they haven't really talked to me since and they blush all the time when I talk to them."

ME: ", you're not encouraging either of them, right?"

HER: "Well, I really like XXXX. He's liked me since third grade. He's twelve already. He's really tall and he even wears cologne."

ME: (after a long pause) That's nice, dear. Now go back up to your room. I will be Homeschooling you from now on."

I have a feeling I will be having many more scary conversations like this with my daughter. Heaven help us all. Maybe she'll fall on her head during the egg toss or something, and all the boys her age will see it, and think she's a klutz-- and decide they don't like her any more.

A mother can hope, anyway!

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Anonymous said...

At least she's talking to you about it and not sneaking around.