Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Here We Go...

Quote of the Day: Life is like a luscious chocolate cake. Unfortunately, most of us are diabetic.

So I'm a little frustrated with my mediocre writing at the moment--nothing much I can do but try some "creativity boosters" (no, I am NOT referring to drugs) like movies, music, ANYTHING to stimulate what one of my writer friends refers to as "the Muse." I call her the Creativity Fairy and boy has she been avoiding me lately!

I just realized that I am going to start really despising Saturdays. What used to be a great day to sleep in, have a leisure breakfast and then hang out as a family, will now be known as the GO GO GO DAY.
I mean, all of our kids' (yes, all three of 'em) soccer games are on Saturday. For instance, this particular Saturday, Thing One has her game at 9am at a field across town--then we have to RUN LIKE HELL to the games of Things Two and Three, (which of course BOTH start at 11:30, but at opposite parks), so Hubby and I will have to do Rock/Paper/Scissors to see who gets whom and by the time we all traipse home, exhausted, it will have been five hours straight of Soccer.


I signed up for this?


Devon Ellington said...

The happiest day of my mother's life was the day I got my driver's license and could ferry myself to all my activities.

B. K. Birch said...

I feel your pain. This Saturday (if I my borrow your Things):

Thing 1 - Baseball game at 2:00 pm
Thing 2 - Softball tournament (at least 3 games) in another town
Thing 3 - Church Retreat all morning and a softball game across town.
Thing 4 - Baseball game at 12:00 at the same field at Thing 1

Holy Cow - I can't wait till June!