Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Feeling a little Anxious...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: I've started an exercise program. I do 20 sit-ups each morning. That may not sound like a lot, but you can only hit that snooze button so many times...

I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep well the night before, and tonight, the wind howled and howled and then I woke up realizing it was my puppy howling to go to the bathroom at 3am (darn hubby for letting him drink his whole water bowl late at night!) and I stumbled outside with him in my flimsy pj’s and a jacket, and got hit by a decidedly ARCTIC blast of air, mixed with rain.

UGH. What is the deal with Wisconsin weather? 80 degrees one day, and the next: 35 and flurries. I mean c’mon Mother Nature, a little consistency would be appreciated! Especially since my daughter will have to wear a FULL BODY snowsuit to soccer practice. Bad for the mobility.

I am also cranky today. Cranky because my husband’s company now has a “for sale” sign hanging on it, and everyone at his work is freaking out thinking they’re going to get laid off when the imminent sale happens. My hubby is keeping a rather cool head about it (luckily he’s pretty well connected if anything SHOULD happen) but we just got settled in here in our nice house and neighborhood, and I LOVE the schools here. My kids have friends, the community is awesome, etc. etc..
It’s funny how Life can seem to be so perfect one day, then teasing and taunting the next. For all the ranting I do about the weather, I really don’t mind living here. (just in Winter, heh heh!).

So, we’ll see what the future holds. Hubby is hoping that an investment group will buy out the company, and keep the same people, but in reality, that rarely happens. I mean, look at how Federated bought out May Company. All those May employees are looking for jobs, or will be soon when their divisions are dissolved. This could happen to Hubby’s company. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for now.


B. K. Birch said...

Don't fret about Hubby's job. Things like this happen for a reason and things will work out for the better.

If he does have to look for a new job, try looking South. It's much warmer down here. (But the schools are questionable!)

Ann said...

Boy, I'm sorry about this! It must be stressful, not knowing what will happen.
But Brenda's right - things have a way of working out.
I'll be hoping you get some good answers soon.