Friday, April 08, 2005


QUOTE OF THE DAY: I'm not speeding, Officer. I'm qualifying.

This morning was fun. Hubby’s birthday is today, so while he was in the shower getting ready for work I woke the kids up extra early (thank heaven they’re somewhat happy in the morning!) and we all waited on the bed to shout “Happy Birthday” with our homemade cards and our present when he came out.
As a gag, I wrapped up my brand-new hot pink and lime green gardening gloves ($1 at Target) in a box and we presented them to him, and after we’d all had a laugh at the “gag gift” my daughter brought out the real present: a new briefcase for work that he’d been wanting.
Then it was French toast sticks (a LOT easier than making the Real Thing) and orange juice for breakfast, and now he’s off to work. Hopefully he’s had a good start to the workday—and my fingers are crossed that he won’t be too embarrassed by the absurdly large lot of “Happy Birthday” balloons he’ll have delivered to his office a little later today…heh heh. *Lara rubs her hands together in fiendish glee*
Today should be fun. I cleaned my tail off all week to have the house spotless, and I got a sitter so we could have dinner and then catch “Sahara.” Hubby just finished reading the book (Clive Cussler—highly recommend) and so we’re fired up to see it.
I’m even debating whether or not to move all the patio furniture back out (ugh, HEAVY wrought-iron stuff) and the grill, because it officially looks like Spring is here to stay.
Fingers Crossed!

I am making a goal to get 500 words written every day. If I start small, I can meet my goals, and I'll gradually make my word counts bigger. I think the trick is to train myself to stay on a "writing schedule" since with all the spring sports starting up, I have to write out a complicated juggling schedule anyway. Might as well plan time for Writing, eh? *wink*

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Michelle Miles said...

I read that book and really liked it. Let me know how the movie is! I can't really see Matthew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt, though. *frown*