Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We officially have all our school supplies! The lady at the store yesterday was chuckling a little as she rang up our stuff, including the 946274 WIDE-lined spiral notebooks and 2435 pocket folders. I find it interesting that now Thing One is in 6th grade, she will be taking Spanish. And it's not an option. All students at our school are required to take Spanish, grades 6-8.

Highly interesting. I mean, just being devil's Advocate, here, but what if she wanted to take French? Or German? Or Russian? On the other hand, I think it's cool she'll have three years of Spanish under her belt before she even enters high school, and Hubby (who lived in Argentina for two years) thinks it's AWESOME she's taking Spanish, I guess I'm just surprised the school makes it mandatory. It's a Blue Ribbon school, so I'm trusting they know what they're doing.

Anyway, now, on to the clothes. I have one boy who grows like a weed, and another boy who grows like a cactus. As in, hardly at all. I imagine one of these days he'll take off and shoot upwards like his brother has, but he's been in the same size jeans for nearly three years! And then I have a daughter who is going to be taller than me very soon, she's already 5'5 with size 7 feet, and thank HEAVEN she wants to play volleyball and basketball, because after what I saw at her camps, she'll be perfect for both.

We'll go buy clothes next weekend. That should be fun. I don't even want to think about how much we'll spend on four kids. (Thing Four is only two but you know Hubby will insist we get him some "Fall" stuff while we're there.) Getting a headache just thinking about it...

I am sooo glad I have a printer, now! I was trying to get my computer to communicate with the printer wirelessly, and for some reason, my firewall vetoed that idea, so I got frustrated and just MOVED the darn thing into the office with me, and plugged it into my own computer. I was getting tired of emailing myself documents and running over to another room and printing them. NO MORE. I love it!

The kids were a bit miffed, but I pulled out my old HP PSC printer, and hooked it up, and they're happy as clams. They like to print up Nintendo papercrafts, so they need a printer.

Time to run! Happy Tuesday Toast Day!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm so glad I don't have to buy school supplies. I do it at the end of every year and they're pre-packaged and ready and waiting for him when he walks into class on the first day of school. It's greatness.

We just finished clothes shopping. I hit the most awesome back-to-school sale and saved about $100 and got him six pairs of jeans. His waist is the same size as last year but he's gotten taller and all his pants were too short! And he's a slim so you know, those are really super hard to find. haha

Happy Tuesday Taco Day!

Lowa said...

WHOA! Five foot five?? SHEESH! Cryptic just reached that and he will be 17 in November. Jock is just shy of it and is 14! Course, you people are a lot taller than me...hubby is 6 feet even but with my shrimpiness...kinda cancels a lot of that height out:) Tallest man in my side is 5 ' 8" -- my kids don't stand much chance!

I know what you mean about Spanish. Not only should they get to choose which language to learn, but why don't they start earlier?? The earlier you start, the better. Kids soak up anything. My friend in Canada has had her daughter in French Immersion since Kindergarten (optional, yet free up there) and the child learned to read in French and is obviously fluent now at 9 years of age. I WISH!

I try to start my kids in Latin in grade three or four...doesn't always happen since I don't know Latin myself and our tutor travels the world and likes to live in Rome sometimes! LOL He is back for a while now...but not wanting to teach for a while:(

Lowa said...

Also, I have some kids who don't grow. Cryptic's waist is the size of his eight-year-old sister's but the length of his pants are of course way longer than that. VERY hard to find pants for him. Jock's waist isn't much bigger...I think it is 25 inches...so that is also hard. Clown and Princess are easier since they are shorter, but none of my kids has more than 9% body fat...so it is really hard to clothe them. In fact I think poor Cryptic's is 4%:( *sniff* Kid can't gain to save his life. He has not gained a lb in almost two years:( If only I could give him 30 of mine!

Anonymous said...

Your daghter is going to be an amazon! Isn't she 11?