Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gearing Up for the Holidays.

Word Count Yesterday: 1279
Total NaNo Count: 12651

So, it's been 70 + degrees here, and my kids have been asking to wear shorts to school, because "all the other kids are." I reluctantly let Thing One wear denim capris to school, only because she wore me down. Kids are funny that way. You tell them no, and they ask again. You say no. They whine and ask again, and plead their case/make excuses/rationalize/all-out LIE just to get their way.

I love my kids, but they can be tedious.

So, Hubby is having his appendix out on the 17th. He will be in the hospital for a week, and then home from work for about a week more. I have my MIL and SIL coming to watch the kids for me so I can be with him at the hospital, and everything will be taken care of. I've decided that we're going to "deck the house" in Christmas stuff while he's gone, so when he gets back, it will be VERY festive. I want to put up all the trees (I have five) garland, lights, you name it. It will be cheerful. Hey, the week of the 17th isn't too early to have a little Christmas cheer.

One of our local radio stations has been playing Christmas music since November first. Hubby and I have been listening to it, because it really does put one in a good mood. It's cheery. It's fun. It's sentimental. I am really glad this station does it.


I am embarrassed to admit, I didn't even know how to work my own Alphasmart. I emailed a friend yesterday all excited because I didn't know that you can hook it up to a computer and it downloads the work directly into your existing Word document. WHOO! Of course she knew that, because she isn't "special" like me, but I was excited to discover it. Laptops are so cumbersome. I can take my little 2-pound Alphasmart anywhere. So, I sat at the kitchen table while the kids did their homework yesterday and got 1200 words in. Downloaded it, and it was great! And I don't have the temptation to surf the Web, like I do when I'm on the laptop.

Time to get cracking. Lots to do!


Michelle Miles said...

You are so funny. :)

I think that's a great idea - have the house all "decked" out for Christmas when he comes home. He'll love that and it'll make it all cheery and warm and just fun. There's something about the holidays, right? It just changes the hardest heart into the softest one.

ANYHOO. You are rocking on your NaNo word count. But beware - I am SO going to catch up to you. Oh yeah. It's ON! haha

Aimee said...

You seriously have five Christmas trees? Are they all big, actual trees or are you counting the tree shaped candlestick holders?

Lara said...

LOL, Aimee, I have five big trees! If you counted all my mini trees too, I have about 15. Heh heh. I like one on each floor, and one in the front window of the house. Yeah, I'm a little crazy!

Anonymous said...

We're sticking to the tradition of not decorating until after thanksgiving. But I might sneak in some Mr. Mathis a week before and randomly start putting up decorations. Hopefully we'll have just one big (real) tree. We have a fake one, but for some reason it's just not the same.

Is it really that time of year again??

Go you on NaNo. I have some friends doing it too, and I'm even in one of them. Well, a character I created is!


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely idea, getting the house all festive!

Hey, your word count is awesome!