Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I got a big ole goose-egg for writing yesterday. It was...a bad day. But today is more optimistic. And I did get 2100 words in the day before. So I had enough of a cush to take yesterday off. But today it's back to the page.

I guess I "technically" wrote yesterday. In the morning I went to Tires Plus to get new tires for Hubby's car, and I sat and typed on my alphasmart, so I GUESS that counts, but until I download it I won't know how much I typed. It was just rubbish anyway. I need to start over today and just write it the RIGHT way.

Nothing much else to report, except can I go outside and turn carthweels, now that my taxes will go up next year? Yeah, that is SUPER exciting. Can't wait. Can't wait for abortion to be legalized, either. THAT will be a highlight.

It looks like I got 832 words in on my Alphasmart, while I was at the tire place. So, I guess I didn't get the big old zero, after all. I updated my progress bar, on the right.

Small victories.


Karen said...

Yeah, not a good day for Republicans. Boo.

Michelle Miles said...

SUPER disappointed about the outcome of yesterday's election but I am proud to say at least Texas did the right thing and supported McCain.

Thinking of you.