Monday, November 03, 2008


Word Count Yesterday: 2813
Total NaNo Count: 8459

Okay, so, apparently my cell phone needed to be "turned off and on" to fall back. Because I set my alarm this morning, and when it woke me up at 6:30, I got up, went and woke up the kids. The baby was still asleep, which was unusual, so I got him up, and carried him around while I told the kids to get up...again. Then I went downstairs and saw the time on the microwave:


Ooops. I ran upstairs, told them all to go back to bed (my sons were happy to acquiesce) and put the baby back down. Then *I* went downstairs and went right back to bed.

On a normal day, I'd be up at 5am, writing, but not this morning. Today Hubby has his test at the hospital, and he'll be home all day afterwards, so I'll get some writing time in then.

Sheesh. My poor kids. I felt so bad! But they're on the bus now and we're getting ready to vote early. We can vote today, so we're going to. It's just more convenient for us, since Hubby is off today, and NOT tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


Devon Ellington said...

I'm glad you get to vote early. We don't have that option here, so I'm gearing up with coffee and a book and whatever for tomorrow. I expect I'll see people I haven't talked to since high school there.

At least it's a relatively small town (about 33,000), so, eventually, they'll run out of people.

Lowa said...

Weird. We mail our's in here. hubby mailed his last week??

I can't vote anyway and this is the first time in the 19 years I have been in this country that I have wished I COULD vote.

Will be praying for your hubster's test today. Hope you get gobs of writing done!

Michelle Miles said...

We have early voting the two weeks before the election and I already voted. I couldn't bear the thought of standing in line on election day.

You are on fire with your NaNo! I'm meeting my goal every day which is good for me. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum!

Amy said...

We have mail-in ballots, so Hubs and I voted this weekend.

Hope all goes will with your Husband's test.