Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

First off, thanks all for the nice comments about my nasty day--I am much better now, and they were much appreciated.

Yesterday WAS a better day. Uneventful for the most part (except for the part where the garage door people quoted me $500 to repair the door I backed into--eek) and I got quite a bit done.

I cleaned out my office (and the office closet too, ha ha!) and it is so nice to sit and write in, now. Before it was cluttered, and although I tune it out when I write, it still bugged me. Now I can write and not worry about baby toys and papers everywhere.

Hubby is home today, he has to do some pre-surgery tests at the hospital, so it will be nice to have him home. He so rarely is.

I got roughly 1800 words in yesterday on my NaNo project, and I'm happy to say I've officially hit the halfway mark! 25,262 words. I'm churning it out, and the story is flowing well. While Hubby is in the hospital next week, I will be there with my alphasmart, typing away between feeding him jello and keeping him company. The writing keeps my mind more "agreeably occupied" and I'm really enjoying it.

So, I got tagged by my good friend, Aimee, but sadly I can't link to her blog as it is invitation-only. But here are seven random things about me:

1) I write with my left hand, but I eat/play tennis/use scissors/basically do everything else with my right hand.

2) I've never been to a foreign country. Unless Google counts. Which is ironic, because most of my stories are set in a place OTHER than the United States.

3) When I was working as a Visual person at Dillards in Sugarland, TX years ago, a tornado ripped through the store, tearing off one side of the building while I was huddled inside. (You should have seen the Cosmetics department afterwards--nightmare.)

4) I like cookie dough WAY better than the actual baked cookies.

5) I grew up performing in Theatre--the last role I had was the part of Countess Olivia in Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT while in college. (Okay, that was WAY too long ago!)

6) I wrote to President Reagan when I was in third grade, and he wrote me back. I proudly took the letter to school for show and tell, and someone (I suspect Connie!) stole it out of the envelope and left the envelope empty. I was devastated

7) I have never broken any bones in my life.

Okay, RANDOM!!! But I guess that is the point. I wish I knew seven people to tag (what can I say, I have few friends!) so I'll just say that anyone who wishes to be tagged---is "tagged."

Time to get ready for the day! Hope it's a good one for everybody. :-)


Michelle Miles said...

I heart random. ;)

Colin said...

Reagan wrote back - how cool!

As for the cosmetics counter after the tornado ... such a female thing to say, that is! -)

Sarita Leone said...

Glad your NaNo novel is going so well! :)