Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You've GOT To Be Kidding...

First off, thank you for your kind comments and thoughts...things are going very well for us.

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when I woke up and looked outside:

NICE, huh? And yes, you can tell that's sarcasm, I'm sure. I knew it was coming, I just wasn't ready for it. You go to bed and think "It won't happen" and you wake up to that unnaturally bright light streaming in your windows and think Uh Oh, it DID happen!

Hubby is feeling MUCH better, and he's getting lots of plants from clients. But my favorite by far is this one:

Yes, that is FRUIT, people. Very cleverly arranged fruit, in my opinion. It's from a company called "Edible Arrangements." I was highly impressed. And it was HUGE. You can see my display plate in the background as a size comparison. It was very scrumptious. :-)

Relatives are descending for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow, and I am tidying up the house and doing the big "shop" for the meal on Thursday. We are going to gradually get our Christmas decorations up, and we are playing Christmas music to liven up the mood. I soooo love this time of year!

As far as NaNo, I am plugging along. If I have to chug ten Diet Cherry Cokes the last few nights to get my 12K in, I will...I am going to do it! I just got a little..."sidlelined" the last few weeks, if you know what I mean...

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

Those Edible Arrangements are cool. They have cookies too. :D Your's looks awesome!

You CAN finish NaNo. I know you can!

Lowa said...

Yes, my hubby sent me an edible arrangement for my birthday last month! It was very pretty and REALLY yummy. Chocolate covered strawberries!

You are nuts with the snow thing, girl! I dream of and pray for snow! And you get it all and don't even want it!?!? AAAAHHHH!! SO not fair!

Devon Ellington said...

Edible Arrangements makes great stuff. it's tasty, too!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and glad everyone's doing well.