Friday, November 07, 2008

Writing and Walking.

Word Count Yesterday: 2895
Total NaNo Count: 15546

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that number right now. My goal was 2k words a day, so I would logically have 14000 words by the end of week one. Since I've already surpassed it, I'm patting myself on the back. The story just wants to tell itself. I guess it helps that I've had it boiling in my brain for the last six months, and haven't done anything about it. I'm glad I switched to this story at the last minute. One of my crucial research books was delayed by Amazon. You can't even find it on Ebay, but Amazon happened to have it, and I ordered it October 15th, and they emailed me and asked if I was okay with a delayed delivery date of December-ish. I of course said yes, but I was bummed. And without that book, I would have been up a creek trying to write my sequel.

And I'm still loving my Alphasmart Neo. I took it with me when I waited outside of the school to pick Thing One up from basketball practice, I take it to the dr's office, anytime I have waiting time, I whip it out. It rocks. I am one of those people who hate writing things out in longhand, anyway. Maybe because I'm a lefty, and the way I have to write (to not smudge) makes my hand tired. All I can say is, the Neo is a WONDERFUL tool.


Cleaned out the garage yesterday while Thing Four napped. I squished everything up together so I could put the grill and patio furniture away, and swept it out. I was COVERED in filth when I was done, so I had to just toss my clothes and take a shower afterwards. Then I went out and pounded stakes along the driveway, so when the snow plowers come, we will be ready. We were supposed to get some snow this weekend. Not enough to stick to the ground, but that usually means a good sound DUMPING is around the corner. I've already washed all the snowpants and snowcoats and scarves and hats. We are READY.

Thing Four is walking around everywhere, now. He's finally walking when we go outside the house, too. He loves to get his coat and hat on and just walk around on the grass and sidewalk outside. He goes into excited apoplexy whenever he sees someone walking a "doggie!"

When we go out, he will walk, holding my hand, from the car to the inside of the store now, or wherever we're going. I don't have to carry him. Or, rather, I made the conscious decision NOT to carry him. I like to go fast, and get where I'm going, but he won't learn to walk confidently if I don't give him some practice. So, we get out of the car, and it may take two minutes to get inside the store compared to the usual 20 seconds it would take for me to carry him, but he's getting much needed practice. It's actually kind of nice, and less back-breaking. He is a very BIG 18-month old. He's a late walker, but like I've said before, since he was born with dislocated hips and spent four months in a harness, I'm just glad he IS walking. He's so excited. He grins at me and says "Mommy, I walky-walking!!" He's so proud of himself. :-)

Gotta run to the cleaners!


Michelle Miles said...

Look at you go on your words! Good on ya :)

And aww!! That baby is so cute! Isn't it fun when they walk? (Tiring...but FUN! hehe)

Anonymous said...

It's great that you're giving him the confidence he needs.

I love watching little kids who've just learned to walk explore. It's such fun!

Um, the verification word below is "trysts". Um . . .? ;)

Lowa said...

Great job on the writing!

That is so cute about your little man. He is talking well, which is great of course.

Aimee said...

I can't believe it's time to pound in the snow stakes? It's been quite a few years since I've needed those...thanks for bringing back a fun memory!

Jennifer said...

What a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo on the walking. That's fabulous. It's important to slow down, especially with our children. I'm so tickled for him (and you!)

WTG on the words.