Monday, April 14, 2008

Those #!$**!! Doctor's Office Toys!!!

Status: Hurriedlytypingthispostbecausethebabyisdownforanap...

Okay, so I thought the baby was cutting a molar. Turns out, he's just got a puffy...well...something, growing in the flesh of his gums. It could just be swelling from a tooth, but it's really big, so I'm taking him to the Doctor this afternoon.

UGH. I detest the Doctor's office. Why? Because, when I take my perfectly healthy kids there for their well-checkups, they always want to play with the toys. I'm sure you see where I'm going with this...

Since I'm not a doctor, or even a Dr's office assistant, I have no idea how often they clean or sterilize the toys in their offices. All I know, is I bet you could overthrow RUSSIA with the amount of bacteria dwelling on said toys. It's a disgusting thought. All those kids with Strep/Bronchitis/Pinkeye-aka-Conjunctivitis/colds/flu/viral infections/etc/etc/etc are PLAYING WITH THE TOYS ALL DAY LONG AND NOW MY KIDS WANT TO PLAY WITH THEM.

And I don't want to be a mean mom and say "no," but when I have to take all my healthy kids along, I just don't want them getting sick from playing with the toys. I had a Dr. tell me once that they use the strongest germ killing cleaners in Hospitals and offices, so you just KNOW that if there are germs, they are the SUPER GERMS that can withstand those sorts of cleaners. Nice thought, eh?

Oh well. Now that my kids are older I just tell them "no" firmly and that's it. End of story.

Speaking of doctors...I was up late last night goofing off on the internet, and I started googling all the people I knew growing up. I found that my high school crush is now a cinematographer in L.A., and one of my childhood friends is now a Chiropractor! You can find his website here. If you're in the Liberty Lake, Washington area, and need a Chiroprator, he's your man. Go, Aaron!!

Oh, and I am SO EXCITED. I tracked down the place that sells more of Thing Four's baby blankets! They apparently have them at TJ Maxx. I am running there this morning--wish me luck! I can only imagine the drama that will ensue once the "night night" gets shredded in the washing machine! EEK!


Michelle Miles said...

I never liked mine playing with those toys either. ICK. I always try to discourage it.

How funny you were googling high school folks - me too! I did that yesterday. I was looking for one of my crushes, but never found him sadly.

And LOL You better buy the entire lot of blankets. You know, just in case...

Aimee said...

Did I tell you I had dinner at Spag Fag with Aaron and Jill last summer?! And email me with the cinematographer crush...I can't think who this is?